First week in Ak, hanging around Fairbanks, meeting fellow GA travelers, and dying from mosquitos and heat

I had to hang around Fairbanks for the Eielson AFB hobby shop to open Wednesday so I could change the oil and transmission fluid in the Rav4.  This lead to lots of exploring of the city and local area, most in attempts to find nice water sources for the dogs to cool off in, since it’s been over 90* everyday, which hasn’t been pleasant or made sleeping easy.

Although water sources are abundant, not all are something I’d let the pups go into.  Luckily, thanks to exploring and leads from locals I found local swimming spots and a nice river on the Army base.  These provided much needed relief for the pups.

While restock on water at a local recreation area, which has become my base of operations, I met a fellow Georgia traveler, who lived close to me in GA, but now lives a life of traveling and adventures.  He is also traveling with two dogs, weimaraners, in a Jeep Wrangler.  What are the odds?! We hung out one night and talked about his past travels, which only more so makes me want to rethink my future plans and goals.

Wednesday I was finally able to get the Rav4 squared away so I could start my AK travels.  Since we are already North we were going to head up the Dalton Hwy to the Arctic Circle.  After driving a good ways I stopped to set the Rav4 bed up around 11PM.  After being immediately swarmed by AK mosquitos.  Long story short, after five hours of trying many attempts and multiple tactical maneuvers, even failed ones in a sweet cabin I found(which I thought was going to be lead to a change of pace), I finally got to sleep just after 4AM.  No words can being to really explain how bad the mosquitos are here.  It’s rather unbearable at times, and is kind of ruining the experience.  

Well, I try to be as optimistic as possible, doing otherwise isn’t very constructive but either the experience here changes soon so I can actually get out and explore the lands, or we will be leaving AK way earlier than planned.

The locals tell me this isn’t a normal AK Summer.  It just sucks it had to be this way after I invested so much in this endeavor.  

Going to head South soon in attempts to finally be able to enjoy AK.  Hopefully things will turn around.



2 responses to “First week in Ak, hanging around Fairbanks, meeting fellow GA travelers, and dying from mosquitos and heat”

  1. Rosangela Oliveira says :

    Mosquito? It seems South America. Amazon forest to be more precise!

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