Catch-up 3.0 – The Conclusion of the Saga

OK, so I may have been mistaken saying the last catch up was the last catch up.  The semester start commencing and things got hectic.  Professors and ROTC want projects, finals, tests, yatta yatta yatta.  At least one cool project came out of it:

Aerospace Design Project

Aerospace Design Project

Yep, designed a jetpack for a school project.  This pretty much sums that up.


I have two very strong passions, to save all the little furries and trees, and to fly, not in a plane.

Now that we ventured off on that tangent, lets jet back to business shall we.  You see what I did there 🙂

The last few weeks have heavily revolved around finishing the semester strong, making advancements on my Rav4 conversion (which now has its own page), and gear research/acquisition.  I intend to finish the Rav4 and gear acquisition this week.  This is cutting it close, I know, but I still need to research some final gear and the best/cheapest places to acquire it.  The VAST majority of my gear is here, and it’s felt like Christmas and The Great Depression at the same time.  Christmas when I see gear arrive, and The Great Depression when I see my bank account.

To be honest, the majority of my research is spent on dog gear.  I am just about stocked at this point, but I have to ensure my fury little youngins are properly equipped.

Here they are sporting their rain/winter coats.

Karma is ready for the storm...not really, she still hates going out in the rain.  Fail.

Karma is ready for the storm…not really, she still hates going out in the rain. Fail.

You're my boy, Blue!

You’re my boy, Blue!

They still don’t want to go in the rain.

After Apollo’s foot incident, I knew foot protection was mandatory.  So, after the usual endless hours of research I determined the Ultra Paws “Rugged”  Dog Boots were the way to go, and I scored some “scratch and dent” returns in the right size from an Ebay store, score!  They came in and I wanted to get the pups acclimated ASAP.  So on a beautiful day before work I decided to let them run around with them on while I worked on the Rav4.

A beautiful day to do work.

A beautiful day to do work.

So I put them on them…and they refused to stand up.

We have fallen and we can't get up!

We have fallen and we can’t get up!

After a little coaxing I got them to stand up, and they refused to move.

You expect us to walk in these?!

You expect us to walk in these?!

Well, I kept at the motivation, throw out key works like “outside” and “play” and they eventually made their way outside.  Have you ever seen a cat with tape on its paw?  Not that I condone using animals for our amusement, because I definitely don’t, but if you haven’t seen it, then you should Google it.  Now imaging a cat with tape on all four paws, and that’s how they always start off walking in these.  They’re getting better, but are still transitioning.

DSCN0029 DSCN0030

At one point, things got quiet…too quiet.  So I had to see what they were up to.

Apollo likes the Napier tent, more to come on the tent soon, and slept here for hours.

Apollo found him a lounging spot.

Apollo found him a lounging spot.

Like a typical lady, Karma chose to work on her tan for her beach bod.

Karma prefers to catch some rays.

Karma prefers to catch some rays.

I am not dehydrating food almost 24/7.  Spending all of this time and money on this end of the trip will do one of two things, save me lots of money during the trip, or pride a feast of Yogi and Bobo at some point.  Well, I am going to do everything I can to prevent the later from happening.

DSCN0016 DSCN0055

Tofu anyone?

Tofu anyone?

I just need to load up on my main protein source, nuts, and my food should be squared away.  Tomorrow I will hit the local Whole Foods for the first time and see what they’re all about in this regard.

Things to come:

–  All gear should be acquired, or ordered, by Wednesday, at the latest

–  I hope to make progress on the Rav4 by that time   as well., if Mother Nature will cut me a break with the rain

–  Gear, gear, gear

–  Seam Sealing the Napier 84000 SUV tent

–  Maybe I can do some of this reading I need to do?



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One response to “Catch-up 3.0 – The Conclusion of the Saga”

  1. Alli John says :

    We Really enjoyed meeting you and will be praying your adventure will be the best part of your life so far. Love your jet pack! I want one. Be smart & safe.

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