Playing Catch-up

Alright, so much has happened since deciding to undertake this adventure.  It would be rather impractical, and almost impossible, to put down all of the details or work I’ve done in planning.  So instead, here is an extremely abbreviated version.

Once psychologically committed to the endeavor I quickly decided I needed to obtain some form of a camper to utilize, mainly for my dogs.  Without any prior experience with campers I had to start fresh, educating myself on the different options, functions, and essentials that go along with campers.  Even though my 4 cylinder Rav4 is a beast, I wanted to keep the camper light, under 1,000 lbs if possible.  This helped narrow my options.

As anyone experienced with campers would probably expect, I was instantly drawn towards the pop-up style camper.  Such as this:

Coleman Colorado

Campers, like this Coleman Colorado, have some characteristics that really appealed to me:

–  Lightest weight

–  Compact size, especially when driving

—  Thus theoretically better fuel economy

–  Economical on used market

The down side to these:

–  This smaller style, which is the only style I would want to use, is much rarer to find in decent shape since they’re around 20 years old

–  Required setup to sleep in it

—  Which could pose issues and could attract more negative attention in certain circumstances

–  It’s merely a tent on wheels

—  This means minimal-to-none sound deadening if the dogs are barking, and protection from curious critters

The next candidate was a teardrop camper, as such:



–  Hardened structure

—  Increases safety and sound deadening

–  No setup required, just jump in and sleep

–  Enough room, without being too much like the easier to find pop-ups

–  Used campers, which are the only ones I can afford, are generally custom made

—  This can be a good and bad thing for many reasons


–  Generally heavier and more aerodynamic drag than a pop-up

–  In all cases I could use/afford you have to exit the camper to access the galley (kitchen area)

—  This could suck in severe weather, which I am anticipating to see quite a bit of

–  They are generally more expensive than a pop-up

Whelp, after spending endless hours researching both options and relentlessly scouring the net for campers that fit my needs and budget, I decided a teardrop was the best option and luckily came across a good candidate locally.  So I contacted the owner and set up a day to go look at it.

Being my first encounter with a teardrop, upon arriving I was rather excited to check it out.  As I do with all pre-purchase inspections, I asked a million questions and looked it over thoroughly.  After talking to the owner, who was also the designer/builder and a genuinely great character, he decided to hold it for me to give me time to research and see if it’d truly fit my needs.  Well, after going home and doing lots of research and checking out other campers, I realized this camper was my best option.  So a couple weeks later I picked it up and brought it home.


I decided why wast time, so the pups and I started our acclimation process and started sleeping in it that night.


Apollo in adventurous and loves sleeping in it.  Karma would rather be inside in my bed.  Both try to crawl into my sleeping bag with me.

Now that I have a camper, a very large obstacle was overcome and I wouldn’t have to spend so many endless hours researching, or so I thought.  Man, I was very wrong.  It was merely the beginning.

Since I have to go to sleep and be up in around 4 hours, I will stop here and continue getting this up to date tomorrow.


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2 responses to “Playing Catch-up”

  1. mithriluna says :

    What a great little camper! We slept in our trailer the first night we brought it home in the middle of February. Have you done any research on You can ask any question and there are always several people who will give you great advice on rv camping.

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